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LOTR Blog Party Day Two - Favorite Book/Movie


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     My favorite move, without a doubt, was The Two Towers. I think that's when the story line really came into play and where several other story arcs were introduced. Even though there were so many plots running simultaneously, Peter Jackson did a great job at having every story running smoothly together. One aspect of the film that I did pick up on was the importance of family, whether elf, human or hobbit; the blood ties that hold us together, the loyalty the can never be broken and the unquestionable grief that comes from loss.

Hugo Weaving as Elrond and Liv Tyler as Arwen

     The main reason I loved The Two Towers was (and this is from movie-verse prospective) was the in depth look at Elrond and Arwen's relationship. I think that their father/daughter bond was completely pinnacle to the story, a father who loves his daughter and wants to keep her safe and an obedient daughter who loves her father dearly and is torn between the decisions of her heart.

     Having the relationship triangle between father, daughter and lover (Aragorn) whose fates are all wrapped up in the war of The Ring was an interesting and unique twist in the storyline and shows that not all battles are on the battlefield, sometimes they're right there at home. Also, the scenes between Arwen and her father gave the movie a break from the blood and the gore, and viewers were also able to see the very personal intimate lives of the elves and how they love deeply, but also fear that their love could be their own destruction.

David Wenham as Faramir
      Sticking to the topic of family, we are introduced to a family member from a former character in The Fellowship of The Ring. Lord Faramir, Boromir's younger brother, who is a forest ranger that protects the outerlands from invaders. Faramir is about as opposite from Boromir as one can get, but both brothers shared a tight bond. If Boromir was his father's pride and joy, then Faramir was the bane of his existence. For most of the story, Faramir is desperate to win his father's love and approval, but always falls up short in the shadow of his worthier older brother.

     When we first meet Faramir he comes off as bold and rash, with a hint of arrogance. Although he isn't cruel there is a coldness inside of him that comes from the private grieving of his brother's death. Movie-verse Faramir deters from book-verse in which the book portrays Faramir of having no desire for the Ring, the movie instead shows his desire for Ring, not for power, but for love and approval. Overtime, Sam and Frodo (and Gollum) begin to work an unlikely change in his heart and Faramir slowly begins to emerge from his grief, anger and guilt, and starts becoming the leader he was meant to become.

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and Orlando Bloom as Legolas
      My absolute favorite part about The Two Towers was going deeper in Legolas' and Aragorn's strong friendship. When Aragorn is presumed to be dead, we see Legolas in a rare moment of rage when he threatens the orc that threw him over the cliff. When Aragorn plans to defend Helm's Deep, Legolas is less then thrilled and even challenges Aragorn's authority only to finally see reason and to trust in his plan. Both characters are as different as night and day, but the opposites of their personalities is what makes them such a great friendship.

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  1. FARAMIR!!!!!!!!!!

    Faramiri is very special to me. I love him so much. When he was introduced in the Two Towers I fell for him quickly. He reminded me a little of Boromir but he was so different too. I don't know why Peter Jackson decided to change Faramir in The Two Towers. I know that in the end he still lets Frodo and Sam go, but I don't see why he had take them to Osgiliath in the first place. As I've said before though, the time Return of the King is finished PJ got so much right that I can forgive him a few changes and mistakes. Even if they irk me.

    I like the friendship between Aragorn and Legolas. It's really good 8-)


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