Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LOTR Blog Party Day Three - Favorite Dwelling of Middle Earth 

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Hobbiton, The Shire
     My favorite Middle Earth dwelling is definitely Hobbiton! I'm am country girl through and through, and Hobbiton, the Shire and Bag-End would definitely be dream home. I just loved the peaceful, tranquility that Hobbiton had and even though it was small and out of the way, it was the primary reason that caused Frodo to carry the Ring in the first place. When I saw LOTR for the first time, I just fell in love with the Shire and its immense beauty. The color is what astounded me the most; the incredible green contrasting with the bright colors of the flowers and the very clear water under the bridge.

      I love how Tolkien was able to incorporate his love of the English countryside into the books; even though LOTR and The Hobbit took place in a mythical world, Tolkien was able to bring to the readers mind a piece of his life that was very dear to him and share it with the world. I could very easily live in Hobbiton, the food alone would be good enough! In the movies, Peter Jackson brought to life a society, a community and a culture that seemed so authentic and real that you forget it's the land of hobbits and start believing that it could be your own home.

Bag End
      And now we get to Bag End! I LOVE Bag End! It would definitely be my dream home. My roomed is actually inspired by Bag End. I have paintings all over the walls, one bookshelf overflowing with books (the other with DVDs), candles everywhere on my dressers and shelves, and my own desk that's always covered with papers, as well as little nick-knacks that are just scattered though-out the room. I can definitely understand why Bilbo was so desperate to return home and why he was incensed that he saw everything being sold off when he returned.



  1. Peter Jackson did such an amazing job finding the perfect places to film Middle Earth. I love how he brought Hobbiton to life. I don't think anyone could have done it better. And I LOVE the Shire. I wish I could visit there. Wouldn't that be so cool?? they should have like, fandom tourist trips

  2. I will be late posting tonight so if you want to go before me you totally can

  3. LOTR<3

    I just found your blog and I realize we have a lot of fandoms in common:)

    That's all. have a good day :)

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