Friday, April 26, 2013

Surviving The Panem Arena

Contest of Epic Literary Survival

Mordor or the Panem Arena

     In a battle to the death or to destroy the one ring, we will present 5 objects of random which you will then use your great and imaginative minds to tell us how you would use them to survive the hostile literary environment.

Panem Arena

1. A book (of your choice)
Well, first I would get 'friendly' with the Head Gamermaker (coughSenecaCranecough) and have him hand over the game plan (I assume it may come in book form) to me, which Cinna conveniently manages to hide in my jacket.

2. Box of paper clips
I would dump the paper clips out of the boxand put a few tracker jackers inside. I would then throw the box to a tribute chasing me down.     

3. Volley ball
Throw the volleyball at some mutts from the top of a tree to distract them.

4. Pair of toe socks
Did what Rue did and use them on my hands for gloves on cold nights.

5. Frying pan
When I'm done with breakfast I can take out a few tributes in their sleep and steal their weapons.

1 comment:

  1. Frying Pans! Who knew, right?

    Thanks so much for entering!


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