Thursday, April 18, 2013

Randomness Tag

     Bella Rose tagged me for this, but after almost 3 years on Blogger, I still hardly know anyone, which is sad. I'm going to do it anyway and just have fun with it : )

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their sight (THANK YOU Bella)
Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you
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11 Facts About Me

1. I have never read literature by Austen, Alcott or Dickens

2. I saw all 3 LOTR movies in theaters

3. My best friend and I have never met face to face

4. I have a habit of buying movies before viewing them

5. I want to get married in June or December

6. I have epilepsy

7. Queen Elizabeth I and Joan of Arc are my heroes

8. I'm a licensed child care worker

9. Writing fanfictions helps my to develop my own original stories

10. My favorite accessory is bracelets

11. Before I die I want to by one thing Chanel

~ ~ ~

Somehow this picture reminds me of Bella : )
Bella's Questions

 1. Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables?

Hands down, Les Miserables. 
Phantom is good, by the melodramtic romance drove me crazy. 
I have no idea what Christine saw in either man, anway. They were both annoying.

2. Have you ever climbed trees in a skirt?
I've never climbed trees at all!

3. Did you ever own play handcuffs - and put them to good use?

Not that I can remember

4. When was the last time you went swimming in the snow?

It would have to snow here in Virginia long enough to accomplish that

5. Did you ever make your own bows and arrows?

No, I never had any reason too.

6. Were the witches in your childhood games ever good witches?

When I was a child, my parents were strict about witchcraft and wizardry. 
So witches were never an option.

7. Did you ever create a fantasy world into which you could escape?

I just escaped into other people's fantasy worlds. 

Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Panem, etc.

8. Do you dream in color or black and white?


9. Cake or pie?


10. Are you a) 'early to bed early to rise' b) 'late to bed, late to rise' c) Late to bed early to rise.

b) 'late to bed, late to rise'

11. When you hear the word "magnificent" what's the first thing you think?
A lion, King Peter, Thorin Oakenshield

~ ~ ~

Thanks, Bella! 

This was a lot of fun!


  1. I love Austen/Dickens movie adaptations but never read classic literature either, Ivy. The only book I've gotten through is "S&S." Something about the "language" (so different from today's fiction) makes it too difficult for me to get through!

    1. I've never been able to understand myself, so I have just come to the conclusion the I'm a popular fiction reader.

  2. "They say a when you are married in June you are always a Bride." Hehe...I couldn't resist. Best movie ever, that. :D
    It's cool how you've never face-to-face meet you best friend. I have two really good friends that I have 1. never met and 2. meet like three times. :D
    And, oh, I would have such a hard time with Bella's questions!!! Wow! I love Phantom AND Les Mis so much!
    Great answers and random facts!!! :D


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