Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday #2

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Prompt: Anxiety

I get very anxious very easily. I worry way way too much and stress over the little things. As a kid it was about what I would wear or what I would do in school or even who I would talk too. Now adulthood has taken that and multiplied it by 100.

Since starting college I realize why it's so important to have proper finances, sure financial aid is great, when you have it at least. Then there are issues like a working car and getting gas money and being able to make money for both.

Then there are classes, I only have two for now and they're fine, but what about next semester? I'm doing all right now, but what if I don't later on? What if I really am a failure and college isn't meant for me???

Then I relax and unwind and think, I've made it this far in college and I know I can go farther. I have a car and money in the bank for the repairs. Work has always come when I need it. And to top it off I'm still at home with a room and meals to eat.

Stress can either kill you or it can make you have a better perspective on life. I think the latter is the most preferable.


  1. Loved the stream! And yes, so agree! Don't let the stress kill you. It makes life so less fun if you're dead... I'm learnig to handle my anxiety too, and it's a working progress. Going through the preliminaries of trying to get into Uni myself and trying not to freak out about it!

  2. Stress is useful as a motivator, but too often it leaves us frozen. I am glad that you're not letting it keep you from your dreams!

  3. I over analyze everything too...which can result in anxiety. I would consider myself introverted and I think this is a common trait of introverts. It's true though - stress is a good thing in small amounts, without it, we'd get nothing done. But it's also a tough master who can enslave us -- finding the balance is difficult!

    visiting from The Notebook Sisters SOC link-up.


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