Monday, July 27, 2015

Vlog #7 - July

Talking about the summer of the 'tire apocalypse,' summer movies and television shows and catching up on what I've been reading.


  1. It really was a good summer for movies, wasn't it? I saw Cinderella, Age of Ultron and Jurassic World too, and loved them all, but I also really really loved Ant-Man! I guess it wasn't highly anticipated for most people, but it was for me, and didn't disappoint! :D

    I'm looking forward to Pan and Mockingjay too. What's your opinion of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation? It's coming out this Fri, and I can't wait to see it! And then this fall the next Maze Runner movie is at the top of my list -- have you seen or read any of them?

    1. Ant-Man looks like it was geared toward kids and maybe not necessarily hardcore DC fans. I would see the movie just for the scene with Thomas the Tank Engine. My sister and I were in hysterics when we saw that scene for the first time. And Evangeline Lily is in it too!

      To be honest, I have never seen Mission Impossible! So, you're going to have to tell me if its was worth the watch or not. I love The Maze Runner!! (I knew I was missing a movie in the vlog!) and I cannot wait to see The Scorch Trials!

    2. Ant-Man did have moments that were sillier than the bigger Marvel movies... (Wait, you said DC -- did you mean Marvel? Cause of course it's no where near the tone of a DC, but it's Marvel, so...) It's not much sillier than the first Thor or Captain America, and is a ton funnier! The Thomas bit was practically boring compared to the best parts. :D It was a blast. I don't think it was promoted very well actually -- it was a lot better than I expected. :)

      I'm seeing on Fri, and should have a review up a day or two after. Seriously though, if you like action movies at all you should love these movies, because they're like the quintessential action movie. The first one is slower-moving and is more spy-ish. The second is kinda terrible. The third is super awesome and intense. The fourth is 100% fun. And this one promises to be like the 4th, but bigger and crazier. :D

      I'm glad you love The Maze Runner too! Can't wait for the next one -- it's looking pretty great!


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