Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trailer Music (Cinderella and Pan)

     I love trailers! It really is one of my favorite parts of going to a movie. What I love better than a really well done trailer is the music accompaniment, but often times they can be hard to get a hold of. I must not be the only one who enjoys trailer music, because now studios are releasing the songs used in the trailers!

     When I first saw the trailers for Cinderella and Pan, I went crazy for both the films and the music! So I was able to find them both on YouTube.

"Aeon" by Nick Murray

"Sun and Stars" by Really Slow Motion


  1. Wonderful music! I saw both trailers but I never went back to hear the music itself! I love trailer music :D


    1. I just love how the music just gets me so excited for the film and really informs me on what type of film it's going to be.


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