Thursday, May 15, 2014

lykkelig jubilæum (Happy Anniversary!)

      An anniversary post to my favorite royal couple ever! 
( It's a day late due to internet problems!)

Happy Anniversary to
 Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary
 of Denmark!

On May 14, 2004 Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark married the lovely Mary Elizabeth Donaldson of Australia. The two met at a bar at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and the rest of their relationship was history after the first phone call. Since then Frederik and Mary have proceeded to have four children, Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine (twins). Frederik and Mary are one of the most popular and well loved royal couples of this century. Their popularity may even surpass Will and Kate's!

Their wedding day - May 14, 2004
Called "The Fairy Tale Wedding"

And this is where love has led them 10 years later...

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with their children
L-R Prince Christian, Prince Vincent, Princess Josephine and Princess Isabella

I wish a Happy Anniversary to such a lovely and wonderful couple!
May other young royal couples have the same happiness and joy that you two have achieved over the years with your family, your people, and your country!

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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  1. I love this royal couple too!
    :D Slight Bias as I am Australian like Princess Mary but I love them and their family so much. Happy Anniversary to such a lovely royal couple!


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