Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Stone Table

Hey! Yeah, I'm still alive, but between school and shoddy internet connection, I haven't been able to write much. At least until this morning, when I got back into my Narnia poetry writing!


The Pevensies at the broken Stone Table in
"Prince Caspian" (2008)
The Stone Table

On a table that was made from stone
A great Lion laid down his own
For a traitor who deserved to die
The Lion made a sacrifice

When the knife pierced through his heart
Time went back to the very start
Death turned to life and the world awoke
And Love broke the table of stone

Is this magic? Was a child’s cry
We saw you there, we saw you die!
The Lion laughed and said you are never alone
For Love has broken this table of stone

Awake oh Narnia! Love, think and speak
Your fear is over, you are finally free!
Look toward the Eastern sky
Out of broken stone is remade life!

Because of a table that was made from stone
Crownless kings rise to their thrones
The lost are found and captives behold the sun
Because of a table that was broken by Love

On this table where death turned to life
There is now hope for those who die
Love has made a way to begin again
For from this stone there is no end.

~Ivy M. Spargur 


  1. ah, you really have got a flair!! Good for you! I can't write poems, though I have tried. they just don't work out for me :-/ But yours is really good!! I'm glad you're a Narnia Girl too :-D

    Have you started S4 of merlin yet?

  2. This is really cool! I love the "for love has broken this table of stone" line. Very nice. :)


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