Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Avengers Marriage

      Robert Downey Jr.s son, Exton Elias just turned one in February. Chris Hemsworth's daughter, India Rose will turn one in May...

And then a few years go by.... 

I mean, seriously, how cute?!?!


  1. Haha! How cute! That would be so fun! So sorry I haven't been commenting of late. I have been super busy and had to cut out a lot of blogger time. Pretty much just wrote my own blogs and then got off. ;) I should be more or less back now! Hehe....

  2. aw that is sooo cute :) I love that.

  3. Its me again :)

    Do you use Movie Maker for your videos? if so, how do you put gifs in your videos? I can NOT get it to work.

    PS - you can take the captions off your gifs if you want to :)

  4. That would be sweet :-) I love the pictures of Chris H. holding India Rose when she was a newborn -- his forearms were each as big as all of her, and it was the cutest thing.


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