Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update on Life

     It's been a while since I actually posted something about myself. Normally I've just written movie reviews and the occasional holiday post. Yet, there has been a lot happening in my life!!!

     The best being is that I've started my second semester of college. My first semester I absolutely loved!! My classes were great, my teachers were awesome and I met some great people. So, I was a little apprehensive about the spring semester. I'm still just taking English and Math; yesterday I started my English class and I feel it's going to be somewhat harder...Math, I don't start until we'll see about that.

~ ~ ~

     Of course it wouldn't be an update on life if I didn't mention Downton Abbey : ) For Christmas I got seasons one and two! One of the best gifts ever!! Now I'm letting my best friend barrow it, because she hasn't been able to see season two (that's criminal).

      On Sunday we watched the premiere episode of season three...OMG!!! I loved, loved, loved it!!! It was fantastic going back and seeing all the great characters...and Matthew, but he came without saying!  Shirley MacLaine was incredible as Cora's mother and I was happy that there wasn't a lot of competition between her and Violet. One, because everyone was expecting it and it would have to obvious. Sunday nights are finally fun again : )

~ ~ ~

     Although, there is some stiff competition with Call The Midwife. This has been an amazing show! It's very real and has a personable feeling to it, because it's the memoirs of the main character, Jenny Lee. A couple of weeks ago we got to see the special Christmas episode and it was awesome. Best news? They're making a second season!! I'm so excited!

~ ~ ~

     Oh yeah, so I have a total new online obsession >>>Pottermore<<< the official Harry Potter site...well, I finally joined! It is so addictive! You actually get to explore and discover the books and find out secret information about characters, places, and the whole world of Harry Potter. In the first book, you start with Harry being delivered at the Dursleys doorstep and work your way up to getting his letter and shopping in Diagon Alley. Eventually when you get to Hogwarts and you're sorted in one of the houses. I got into...

     I was kind of shocked, because I was hoping to get into Ravenclaw, but now I really don't mind. Once you're sorted and in your respective house, that's when the fun begins. You can collect points for your house by finding little collectible objects, like badges, galleons, herbs for potion making, and so on. You can actually make potions!

     For now, there's only book 1 and book 2, with some of book 3 to go through. Seriously though, it's a lot of fun!

~ ~ ~

     So there's an update on my life and another movie review might be next, because my sisters and I are going to see Les Miserables on Saturday!!


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