Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Downton Abbey Confession #9

Proof this story is fictional.

Sybil looks fantastic after just giving birth

Sybil, Branson, and their new baby
My most precious baby, how I have waited for you.
Such sweetness, such joy
My dream has finally come true.

You have come into a time of peace and change
And now that you are here
My life will never ever be the same.

I pray that you will be brave and strong
Compassionate and kind
For In my heart you will always belong

With your mummy's smile and your daddy's eyes
And a mind that is all your own.
May you always see truth among the lies

When the time comes and you must leave
Know, that you were born to change the world.
Because you have already changed me.

~written by Ivy M. Spargur~

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