Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just For Kicks


Black or white? Black
Milk, dark, or white chocolate? Milk
Night or day? Night
Sunshine, snow, or rain? Snow
City or country? Country. It's too beautiful for words sometimes.
Indoors or out? Depends on the weather
Hugs or kisses? Only from babies
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Lunch
Spring, summer, fall, or winter? Winter
Chick flick or action movie? Depends on who is in it and what it's about.
Drama or comedy? Drama
Reading or writing? Writing
Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley? Niether. Mr. Crawley for me.
Arts or sciences? Arts
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3 favorite movies: Ever After, Amazing Grace, The Young Victoria
3 last books you read: Godiva, A Break With Charity, When Calls The Heart
3 things you could never do without: Family, computer, cell phone
3 celebrity crushes: Hugh Jackman, Dan Stevens, Allen Leech
3 words that describe your life right now: Happy, searching, creative
3 book/fictional characters you would marry: Matthew Crawley (Downton Abbey), Tom Branson (Downton Abbey), King Caspian X (The Chronicles of Narnia)
3 things on your bucket list: Write a novel, swim with dolphins, go bungee jumping
3 places you wish to travel: India, Switzerland, The Galapagos Islands 
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Something you want: A child
Something you fear: A seizure
Something you love: Writing
Something you hate: Uncaring people
Something that makes you laugh: My niece
Something that makes you cry: Movies about the Royal family
Something you're addicted to: My computer
Something that annoys you: Slow internet
Something that makes you happy: When someone smiles back at me
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Favorite saint: Joan of Arc
Last song you heard: On Earth As It Is In Heaven by Ennio Morricone
Ideal date: Taking a walk down a country road
Guilty pleasure: Downton Abbey Tumblr sites
Favorite music era: 1940s
Last thing you ate: Sour cream and onion chips
Dream job: Mother
Favorite word/phrase: "Are you serious?"
Something people may not know about you: The first thing I notice about people are their hands. Especially if it's an attractive man, because I'll be looking for a wedding ring.
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Now it's your turn! :)

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  1. lololol! The "something people may not know about you" is my favorite of your answers!


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