Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Post

So.... This is my first post. Always the most nerve wracking part, in my opinion.

Anyway, a little about my online life. I got a Xanga in late 06' and I only got it for writing a Narnia fan-fic. People started reading my story and eventually my site became very popular in the spring/summer of 07'. By the time fall rolled around, the popularity died and so did the site.

A got a couple more sites and the same thing happened with them. Then about a month ago, I came across several blogger sites, that featured stay at home daughters. This intrigued me, seeing as I'm staying at home and helping with my family business, and I started going to them. Well, I enjoyed reading them so much that I finally decided to get my own site and here I am.

I love, love, love writing! I have epilepsy and so that can impair my speech and my ability to say what I think. Writing is my outlet. Whether it's writing stories or posting my favorite songs.

Oh, about my name "Time Will Reveal"

It comes from this song "Dance My Dreams" from the 2004 movie, First Daughter.

Tamia - Dance My Dreams
Spinning, twirling, flying away
Memories guide me from yesterday

Time will reveal my destiny
So why should I fight
What's right for me?

I'll live, I'll breathe
I'll dance my dreams

Hold me, kiss me
Look through my eyes
Know me, feel me
No more disguise
So why should I fight
What's planned for me?


Take my hand
Dance in my world
As I live, I breathe
I dance my dreams
Tomorrow will be mine
Today is ours
I will never let go
Until time unwinds
Today I have just arrived

I guess you can say it's a good title for me. I really have no idea what's in store for me, and I don't think many girls my age do. Letting God in his own providential time reveal his plan for me, is the best thing that I can do.

So, that's a little about me : )

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