Thursday, July 11, 2019

50 Years of Favorite Styles

My favorite styles from the 1920's-1970's!

Afterwards style and class fell....really hard. So, I won't even mention them...


The era of the flapper, jazz music, glamour and refinement!

I myself have never cared for the heavily stereotyped flapper style (the short beaded gowns, long necklaces and headdresses) and have always preferred the more casual styles in the 20s, but you can't deny, their evening wear was stunning.

This whole outfit! When I think of elegance and refinement in the 20's, this is immediately what comes to mind!
 Everything from the cut, to the cloche, to the shoes. 
I imagine the colors would be a very pale tan color for the top and maybe a mint or pale green for the skirt and the ribbon around the neck as a contrast. 
This is absolute class and taste!

This is actually a wedding dress and it's probably more beautiful than any modern wedding dress I've seen in a while.


The 30's and 40's meld into one another, so I usually can't tell which style is from which decade. However, in spite of the Depression, the 30's are my favorite fashion decade. Primarily for the wide leg trousers! What I wouldn't give for a pair! 

And even with a war going on, it didn't stop women from still looking their best.

The second woman to the right with the striped shirt and belt is my favorite. I just love it and its simplicity and the trousers look so comfortable!

I believe this is the 30's, but in any case, I love everything going on here.


Crinoline's, poodle skirts, Elvis. 
Grace Kelly, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn set the tone for style.


When Jacqueline Kennedy moved into the White House in 1960, she took the class of the 50's and gave it an update for the next decade, creating some of the most iconic style on the century.


The 70's did have its classy moments, but the resurgence of the wide leg trousers which was renamed bell bottoms, may have saved the decade.


  1. Thanks to movies like the Thin Man Mysteries (highly recommend if you like murder mysteries), Bringing Up Baby, My Man Godfrey, Holiday and possibly others I can't think of at the moment, I'm really lovely the fancy '30's and '40's styles. They are so glamorous. I love looking through Etsy and Pinterest at the patterns and styles.

    1. I’ve never heard of The Thin Man Mysteries, but it sounds interesting!
      I love style from the 30’s and even with a nation wide depression, people still made such an attempt to look good. A value that we’ve lost in society.

  2. ah man


    *wishes she had all these clothes*

    Women back then really knew how to dress!! Wish we still did.....


  3. Beautiful photos and styles! The 20s are definitely my favorite as I'm a Downton Abbey megafan. Loved reading this. I love all the styles up to probably the 60s. The 50s still had some great trends going. I love the cloches women wore in the 20s. So chic! Thanks for a great read!
    Emily :)
    Oh, and I nominated you for the sunshine blogger tag on my blog. :)

    1. Yahh! A Downton Abbey fan! I'm so excited for the new movie! And seeing as it's set in the mid 1920's the styles are going to be to die for!

      Thank you!


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