Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Can No One Hear Russia?

Originally posted from Facebook

posted by Aliya Mustafina

Russia's beautiful city, St. Petersburg is attacked there are no tears, shouts of rage, Facebook sympathies, or lights turned on for these people. Are they really expendable? The one country in the world that dared to take on the Muslim extremists is ignored and its people on their own to grieve.

Russia has its issues, but it has centuries of history that has gone through victories, losses, times of turmoil and times of peace, stomped upon by Napoleon, invaded by Hitler, demoralized by Communism and has endured decades of scrutiny and disdain from the West.

And not to mention that their beloved royal family, whom the country still bear guilt and shame for their deaths, have been consistently misinterpreted by Western media for years and are now only recognized by most Americans in a horribly inaccurate cartoon.

Yet through all that, Russia remains unfaltering and unbroken. This country doesn't need America or the West, but America could still have the decency to extend a merciful hand of help and words of kindness as well as learn a few lessons of how a divided country can be made whole again.

---Aliya's translated comment is "How much can you...mourn..."

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