Sunday, January 22, 2017

100 Years: Why I Voted

     Like most people on Blogger I don't talk about politics, but after the Women's March on Washington, D.C. yesterday I felt the need to write as to why I felt compelled to vote. As I have stated may times, I am a first wave feminist and that ideology hearkens back to the late 19th century to the early 20th when women sought equality in society. They wanted rights to an education, rights to work in environments where they would not be harassed or harmed by men, rights to their children, rights to voice their opinions, The early suffragette movement was a wonderful, but dangerous time. Women took their lives into their hands and oftentimes they died for their beliefs.

     Due to Margaret Sanger, there was the issue of women's rights to her body. However, Sanger was part of the highly liberal eugenics movement and her views were oftentimes seen as extreme toward the more conservative suffragettes.

     Nowadays, women have been able to obtain those rights that their predecessors once fought and died for. Their have full educations, prominent positions in the work place, rights to their children and so on. However, instead of feminism being a word the represents equality between men and women, it has become a byword for fierce, opinionated, liberal minded policies. Feminism is now defined by  women who can do whatever she wants to her body, show no respect for those in power, show no common decency toward those who disagree with them. Now feminism is a one sided, boxed in set of rules that you have to believe and agree with or you are not a true feminist.

     Women marched on Washington D.C. yesterday because they thought their rights were being violated. However, what Constitutional rights for women can he take away?? 

Can he take away our rights to vote? No. 
Can he take away our freedom of speech? No.
Can he repeal abortion? No. 
Can he deny women an education? No. 
Can he stop two women from marrying? No.
Can he keep women out of the work force? No.
Can he reverse a woman's rights to her children? No.

     100 years ago, woman did not have these rights. 100 years ago, women fought for these rights. 100 years ago, women were beaten for these rights. 100 years ago, women were jailed for these rights. 100 years ago, women lost their families for these rights. 100 years ago, women willingly gave their lives for these rights. 

     100 years later women march because they are angry at a few things that a presidential candidate said in his speeches and from a decade old scandal. Also, I'll guarantee that most of these woman who are marching didn't bother to vote in the first place. Quite frankly, if you didn't vote, you don't have a voice to complain.

     So, why did I vote? At the time I wasn't a fan of either Hilary or Trump; however, I felt that it was my duty to history to vote. To honor those who sacrificed everything just to be seen as equals. To honor women whose only desire was to stand alongside men and be seen as Americans. To remember that these woman were voting for men who didn't support their cause, but still felt that it was their Constitutional right as Americans and humans to do so. 

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