Thursday, August 27, 2015

Paris Appreciation Post

     Oh Paris! A city of love, life, art and history....and interesting food. I've always dreamt about going to Paris from the time I was very small! There are so many historical sites that were the plotlines in movies I grew up watching that I want to see. Such as the Palais Garnier//the Paris Opera House(The Phantom of the Opera), the Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge) and the Notre Dame Cathedral (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). Of course, try the wide variety of food from their famed bakery goods to even braving escargot! And get lost into art and history at the Lourve! 

     There is just something about Paris that excites me...and I don't know why! Growing up in southeastern Virginia and living in the country, I find Paris to be the exact opposite of everything I've ever known. Now Parisians probably aren't too different from Virginians in their attitudes of dealing with stupid and annoying tourists, but hey, Paris is their city they can act however they want. And I'm sure that not all Parisians conform to the stereotype as well.

Top: Outside view of the Moulin Rouge
Bottom: The grand staircase of the Palais Garnier
     While the Eiffel tower is the most well known landmark in Paris, where I would really want to go is the Moulin Rouge with all it's famous glory and never ending intrigue. The Moulin Rouge cabaret and theater isn't too different from what someone would find in Las Vegas only it's...well Paris, they have their own way of putting on a show. There is no denying that any theater that has manged to stay alive for 126 years, is probably worth going to. Also, the Moulin Rouge was one of the first establishments in Paris where the wealthy and the poor could mix with no apprehension and was also a common meeting place for young artists and intellects (especially during the Bohemian period). 

     How could I go to Paris and not travel to the wonderful Palais Garnier! To be able just to walk through the corridors and sit in the theater seats would be an experience. As well as harboring the famous opera house, the Palais Garnier is also a library-museum of history and also has a restaurant. The L'Opera restaurant has only been opened for four years but has had to wait for its opening for 135 years! Throughout the Palais Garnier are various sculptures of famous composers, artists and visionaries. And of course, walk up and down the famous Grand Staircase! 

     The Moulin Rouge and the Palais Garnier are only a couple of many places I would want to travel to in Paris. There is no denying that Paris is more than a city, it's practically a country unto itself with it's own culture, customs and people. Paris is romantic and lively and follows no ones rules but its own. The constant devotion to the preservation of Parisian and French culture as well as being the foremost developing city in the world is admirable and it can be hard to balance both. Paris goes beyond being France's capitol, but is also the capitol for art, music, drama, theater, photography and fashion, so any lover of the creative mind may find it hard to stay away. 

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