Monday, December 15, 2014

She's Still Just a Girl

      First off, this is NOT a hate post of any kind! 

      I really do admire Jennifer Lawrence and who she is as an actress and a person. Also, I do my best to keep my blog negative free and not incite any hateful or demeaning opinions. So, don't breeze past my post thinking that I'm a jealous college student with nothing better to do than to whine about celebrities. In all honesty, this is hardly about Jennifer, but rather people's perceptions and unrealistic expectations about her. 

Jennifer's pre-Hunger Games films
     While Jennifer Lawrence was well known for such movies as X-Men: First Class and Winter's Bone, for which she received her first Oscar nomination (if you haven't seen it, you need to!), she really reached celebrity status when she was controversially cast as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games Trilogy. 

     People originally started out with the backlash that Jennifer was too old (she had just turned twenty-one) and too pretty (of course, because hiring ugly people is acceptable in Hollywood) and too blonde (I guess she was the reason brown hair dye was invented). Then the movie came out and Jennifer went to several press conferences, premieres, and parties...and people began to change their minds...

She was obviously funny

Beauty set aside, she had some great inspirational quotes as well...

         Now, all of a sudden, Jennifer Lawrence or J-Law (as she was dubbed by the media) is Hollywood's Darling, everyone's favorite girl. She literally, like her on screen alter-ego, Katniss, has became the girl on fire. Her quotes are now seen as wonderful, groundbreaking, and well needed for today's girls. All of a sudden, there is an actress out there in the public eye that's not afraid to speak her mind and tell the world what she thinks and that's great! She's a non-conformist; she knows what she wants in her life and goes after it. 

On top top that, she also won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2013! might be wondering,,,what's the problem?

       My problem is the way the world has raised Jennifer Lawrence on pedestal and has made her on an on/off-screen goddess among mortals. Yes, she's beautiful, she's funny, and she's opinionated, but seriously people...the hero worship needs to stop.  She tells people that she's an ordinary girl and she is, but people have written her to be God's gift to humanity...and all because she likes to eat pizza or because she hates to exercise? There are lots of women out there like that, but I guess it's not very important unless a celebrity says so. 
Young, pre-famous Jennifer at school, home and on a mission's trip
      By this time last year, if I had to hear one more thing about 'how great Jennifer Lawrence was' I was going to scream. I knew that eventually Jennifer was going to make a public mistake, do something wrong, say something wrong and the world's unrealistic image of her was going to crash down hard, and people would sadly see that she was just an ordinary human girl, prone to mistakes and accidents just like the rest of us. 

      And that's exactly what happened. In August, Jennifer's phone was hacked and several nude photos of her were leaked online. Now, people started their backlash,

 "How could she?"

"She's suppose to be a role model!!" 

"What was she thinking??"

      Jennifer is all of a sudden just another stupid girl, who makes stupid mistakes, and now she has ruined the perfect image that the world created. HOW DARE SHE!!! Granted, what she did was inappropriate and this has happened so many times, that you would think that people would take more caution into what they're doing. 

Click to read the article
      Thankfully, Jennifer has managed to get through the scandal with few (if any) scars. Her career is still doing well (thanks to THG franchise) and she's gone back to being the Golden Girl of Hollywood. It's sad that something like that had to happen to her, but I can hardly see her as a victim, seeing as it was her independent decision. Anything that goes through the internet is eventually going to be seen and the sooner the people of my generation learn that, then the better.  

      I believe that when the world raises an ordinary human on a glorified pedestal, then God will eventually find a way to push that human down, whether in a humiliating or detrimental way. Jennifer Lawrence is a cool girl, she has incredible gifts and talents, but she's not immune to mistakes and poor decisions. 

       I think it's fine to admire Jennifer Lawrence (I'll even forgive her for being friend's with Taylor Swift). At the end of the day though, when the interviews are over and the gowns are hung up, she's just a regular 24 year girl, with a life that deserves to be lived as she sees fit and it should be a life that is not dictated by what her fans or the media believe it should be.

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