Friday, November 7, 2014

Ivy Miranda's Rules to Movie Reviewing

      In Smallville, when Clark first starts working at The Daily Planet (at the behest of Lois...of all people), Lois gives him a sheet entitled Lois Lane's Rule's of Reporting, (which he then frames and keeps out of sight and mind from the rest of the basement bullpen).

     At one point in time, I actually wanted to be a journalists, but it didn't work out, but I did discover an unlikely love of movie reviewing. And unexpectedly, my movie reviews have become well received and appreciated! So, just for fun of course, I wanted to give my own rules/guide to how I write movie reviews. Not saying that people have to follow them to write an exceptional review (even I have a long way to go!), but it's a basic groundwork to getting started. 

Ivy Miranda's Rules 
Movie Reviewing

1.) Watch the movie at least twice.

2.) Understand the story arc.

3.) Avoid all bias; especially in female characters, villains, and parental/guardian figures.

4.) If doing character reviews, focus on the lead characters and never let the reviews of the minor characters exceed the leading character's reviews.

5.) Explain each character's background, transition phase, and then who they are by the end. 

6.) If using pictures for character reviews make sure there is a general theme of all pictures, e.g. poster sets or promotional photos. This gives it a more professional and streamlined look.

7.) Never incorporate yourself or people you know into the review.

8.) Never compare yourself to the hero/heroine.

9.) Never base you personal opinions on an actor/actress as reasons for disliking their character.

10.) Focus on actor's performance and not on their physical appearance.

11.) Find at least two positive and two negative qualities about the characters.

12.) Give attention to music, costuming, scenery and writing.

13.) Find the moral basis.

14.) If the movie is based on a book, avoid contrast/comparisons to the book and see it only as a film that is inspired by a novel. That way it will be a more positive experience and you'll see the story in a fresh and different way.

15.) If you didn't like the movie, then DO NOT review it!

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