Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Letter to Tumblr

     I just posted this letter to Tumblr in regards to my growing aggravation of fans bringing their political agenda into certain television shows. And seeing as this site is like a baby sister to me and many people who follow me also watch the same shows that I mention, it's only fair I share the letter on here as well.

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     As much as I admire the fact that this social network has become a wonderful sounding board for political and social opinions, however, some sounding boards need to be silenced.

To put it simply….

     Tumblr, STOP bringing your political agenda into today’s television shows! Shows like Supernatural and British dramas, such as Downton Abbey and Sherlock and Doctor Who are meant for one reason and one reason alone, TO ENTERTAIN! They HAVE NOT been created to stir up political controversy.

     Complaining about how creative, well-written, well-acted, and award winning shows are either racist or misogynistic is waste of time and energy and proves that you have clearly missed the true meaning of the stories that are being shown.

      Supernatural is not a misogynistic show just because it has an all male cast and they are not anti-gay because they refuse to give in to the Destial ship. If you’re so concerned about lack of romance, that’s what we have fan-fiction for. And even if they did bring on a female lead for a romantic interest, all you would do is whine and complain about what a b*tch she is. This show has been on for 10 years and has done just fine without serious romances to distract from the real relationship in the show which is Dean and Sam’s bond as brothers, friends and hunters.

     British television drama in not racist because they have all primarily white casts. This may come as a shock to you, but there are a lot of white people in Britain.

     Downton Abbey is keeping up with its historical accuracy with it’s white upstairs/downstairs residents. There were black people in England, but they lived in the cities and not in the country. Learn your history before you attack someone elses!

     Just because the only black character in Sherlock is a snobby black woman doesn't make it either racist or misogynistic. It’s called great casting and Vinette Robinson did a great job at pulling off a thoroughly unlikable character.

     Doctor Who has been around for over 50 years. So stop complaining on how the fate of the world is in the hands of white guy. That’s the way the story is written and that’s how people remember it. The Doctor (for now) is white and the embodiment on how the world views Great Britain.

    Not to say that there can’t be a black Doctor, I would love to see one myself and maybe it will happen…one day. For now the Doctor is a white old guy who got the Tardis key to save the world.

     There is a time and place for everything, but fandoms and television shows is neither the time or the place for political distress. If you have such a problem with the shows, STOP WATCHING THEM and leave the more well adjusted fans to the enjoyment of the fandom world.

~Ivy Miranda // Baby Butterfly


  1. I could not agree more! Well done you! :-)

  2. HEAR HEAR!!! I really enjoy Tumblr for some things but the amount of complaining and whining on there about these issues can get very, very tiresome.

  3. Ah, I had to comment on this! Perfection; I love Tumblr but the fandom community can be very annoying at times. :) I'm also tired of them ruining platonic friendships and trying to make them gay. I don't want a romance in every show I watch, gay or straight, leave the platonic friendships alone! *secretly glaring at the Sherlock Fandom* :)



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