Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear Captain...

Captain Jack Harkness

 Dear Captain Jack Harkness,

     This cyberletter on my blog may seem odd seeing as I have only seen you on my family's television screen a few times, but that doesn't deter from the fact that I find myself strangely (almost abnormally) attracted to you. You see, before my family became obsessed with the Doctor Whoniverse, I only knew about the world of the Doctor and his blue home from the female bloggers that I follow. So, I would read along about their intense love for the Doctor, his companions, his enemies and allies. Yet, strangely enough, in the midst of all of this fandom love, I don't recall a single one of these bloggers ever once mentioning you, dear captain.

     Of course this may be an understandable fact given to your personal preference of lovers, but omnisexuality aside, you still seem to be a wonderful well-written character that my whole family in general have come to love and admire. Of course, the question might be, why am I so strangely attracted to you? 

Captain Jack Harness. Should be Disney's first space prince.
     Well, looks for starters. It's no secret that you have a maddening boyish grin and perfect hair that I couldn't even conceive the thought of achieving; and the fact that the first time I saw you, you were coming out from doing repairs on the TARDIS. So, a handsome captain who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty are good impressions from the beginning. Then my family gave me the story of your life as a captain and losing your crew, which actually made my heart break. No one should ever have to lose their family. 

      Then there is just your charm in general. Whether it's flirting with a pretty girl or walking right up to a hideous alien with a lovestruck look on your face and saying hello. Many people find fault with it and maybe I should too, but the one relief of falling in love with a fictional character is that you are fictional, so all politics sets aside, this makes you complete free game for my mind. Should we start on saving the world with 10, Rose, Donna and the others that had me laughing and crying with equal measure?? Very few people can wield a weapon and spout sarcasm in one move, but you pull it off with effort and ease. 

     As I said in the beginning of this letter, I have only seen you a handful of times on my family's television screen and what else I know of you is from my family's geeky expert knowledge. So maybe one may call this love at first sight, but all I know is that as of right now, with no school to bother me, I cannot get you out of my mind and hopefully this letter will be release vent for my conflicting feelings for you.

 Love from,

~ ~ ~

     I can also write a letter to 10 and say that I appreciate how he has made geeky sexy and the numerous amount of times he made me laugh so hard that something I heard him say 3 months ago still gets me in hysterics. (Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics...)

     Or drop a line to Rory Williams (Pond) and congratulate him on his face as well as convince the world that the TARDIS does for homely adults what puberty does to ugly children. (The first time I saw Rory I said, "That Rory is not the most attractive person in the world." In his last season I offhandedly mentioned, "Is it just me or did Rory get hotter over the seasons?")

     And I can still mention my sincere respect to River Song for being married to Voldemort for a short period of time and somehow people don't seem to remember that at all. (That is true actually. Alex Kingston was married to Ralph Fiennes between 1993-1997)

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