Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What to Say to a Guy that "Fancies" You

Brought to you by 
the indomitable Caroline Forbes

The Vampire Diaries -- Season 3 // Episode 14: "Dangerous Liaisons"

(The next night)

The Vampire Diaries -- Season 3 // Episode 15: "All My Children"


     In the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, throughout season 1, Caroline Forbes is a beautiful and kind girl, but because she was "the girl who could never get the guy" she could oftentimes come off as shallow, ditzy and envious. 

     After Caroline is turned into a vampire in season 2 and adapts to a different way of living, she turns from a selfish and misunderstood girl, into a strong, courageous and (forever)young woman who overtime becomes very wise and is willing to fight for the people that she loves dearly...and ends up getting a few male followers.

     In season 2 we meet Klaus Mikaelson; a 1000 year old vampire/werewolf hybrid who is blinded by ambition, revenge and hatred, and believes that love is an abstract weakness only cursed on by lesser mortals. When he meets brave and opinionated Caroline Forbes though, he discovers a vulnerability he hasn't possessed in a long time.

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