Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elsie Dinsmore Movie

     I have been a longtime fan of the Elsie Dinsmore series, mainly because they're just fun to read and it's nice to be able to loathe a terrible father and his equally terrible family (for about two books). I've read and own all of the updated/adapted versions as well as The Millie Keith Series and The Violet Travilla Series.

     I've wondered with all the Christian literature material that is being made into movies (Love Comes Softly, The Last Sin-Eater, The Shunning Series etc.) why Elsie Dinsmore has never been made into a movie. You can't really go wrong with an religious upstart and her inadequate father in the mid 1800s. Whether it becomes a movie or not, this is the cast list (maybe not the actual actors) that I have for the characters.

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Elsie Dinsmore Cast

Top: Left - Young Elsie (10-13), Right - Older Elsie
Middle: Left - Horace Dinsmore, Right - Edward Travilla
Bottom: Left - Rose Allison Dinsmore, Right - Lucy Carrington


  1. This would be a good one to see made into a feature film. So long as the "right" people get a hold of the material. :)

  2. I love the series and totally agree with you:)

  3. Now who is the Older Elsie actress? she looks like the girl from 'Come What May"

    1. Yes that's her. I think she has the perfect look for an older Elsie : )

    2. do you know who the actor is for Edward and Horace are?

    3. Both actors are in Downton Abbey. Edward is Allan Leech who plays Tom Branson. I always imagined Edward to have blonde hair and blue eyes, and he just has the charming look to him that Martha Finley always described Edward having.

      Horace is Rob James Collier who plays Thomas Barrow. Horace is described as being tall with dark hair and so when I saw Rob I thought "It's Horace Dinsmore!"

  4. Me too! i just watched that movie for the first time at a friends house :) it was pretty good! :P

  5. Yes!!! They totally need to make a movie! I have been wanting this since I read my first Elsie book almost 10 years ago!

  6. Nice! Mackenzie Foy would make a lovely Elsie!

  7. I was just looking up the audiobook of Elsie Dinsmore on Youtube, I found it, and also found a link to your blog post. Since I loved Downton Abbey, I especially think your choice for Edward Travilla is a good one. I love the books, read them as a child, I'm about to listen to them while I do some painting. Thanks for good post.


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