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     I love writing : ) I don't think I would have a Blogger and a Fanfiction account on if I didn't. Now mostly of what I've written has been fanfiction which I love doing! I've written two Narnia fanfictions (The Beloved and The Just: A Narnian Love Story and A Love Unknown and A Grace Unseen), I'm in the middle of a Harry Potter story (A Heart Full of Love) and I've started a Thor fanfiction (Asgard: The Lost Cosmos). And ever since I've taken college English, I believe my writing has improved.

     Writing fanfiction is fun and it's a good way to start on your own original stories. For a while I have had several storylines that I have been wanting to work on...except....they are all history based and if I want to write them, then it would require heavy research on all topics. Maybe one day, they might get written.

~ ~ ~

St. Giles: Under The Crucifix

     Setting: England, 1178

     Story: Set during the height of the Crusades when the city of Jerusalem is ruled by the powerful leper king Baldwin IV. Across the ocean in England, Alyvia Le Borde, an orphan and leper, devotes her time and energy to serving the lepers at her home in St.Giles and the surrounding leper communities.

      Life is hard and is not always joyful. Alyvia must watch as men and women, boys and girls, are afflicted with the horrific disease and at times bear witness as leprosy eventually takes their lives. Yet, within the community of lepers, there is hope and happiness and the idea of living every moment to the fullest, because you may never know when it may be your last.


     Alyvia Le Borde - 16: Born in Jerusalem to a Crusader and a servant girl, Alyvia's father left before he even knew his wife was pregnant. At the age of seven, Alyvia and her mother leave Jerusalem for England, but on the way there they catch leprosy. Alyvia's mother dies at St. Giles, but Alyvia is miraculously spared and chooses to stay and work among the sick and dying. She is well loved by the lepers at St. Giles and is well gifted in the uses of medicines and herbs. Alyvia is often times called the Angel of St. Giles. 

     Carrick Trumelle - 20: A runaway from Jerusalem who is hiding from his older brother's wrath. Carrick finds his way into St. Giles where he is accused of stealing. When brought before justice, Carrick is given the ultimatum, serve time in jail or serve the people of St. Giles. Surprisingly, Carrick chooses to work in St. Giles, even if it means risking his own health. While there, Carrick reveals to Alyvia his dark secret and why he is running away, but soon realizes that his troubles have followed him to St. Giles.  
     Lady Rosalba Ashton - 15: Abused by her father, a wealthy landowner, and her two older brothers from the time she was a child, Rosalba sees her life at St. Giles as a miracle from the time she entered at the age of nine. Unwanted by her father and brothers, Rosalba works just as hard as Alyvia to ease the suffering of the lepers. In spite of being a leper, Rosalba is still lovely inside and out and lives up her her cherished title as the St. Gile's Rose.

     Bromwell Carterson - 17: Bromwell was stricken with leprosy as a young boy and even though he has a loving family and a home to return to, he feels led to stay at St. Giles and assist Father Marcus with the running of the lazar house. Brom is very good friends with Alyvia and Rosalba and becomes an immediate friend to the stranger Carrick Trumelle.

     Lord Antony Mehrig - 23: The cold and calculating landlord of St. Giles who lives a life of solitude. Although respected by many people, Lord Mehrig is feared by more, in spite of his young age. He always seems to harbor a sense of aggression and hatred toward the world that he lives in, but never makes an attempt to make it better. Lord Mehrig looks down on the poor and lowly which include the lepers, but never really knows the true joy that they hold within themselves.

    ~ ~ ~


      The idea to write it came after I saw "Kingdom of Heaven." I loved the story of King Baldwin IV, the leper king, who was portrayed in the movie as a strong, wise and generous leader as well as a devout Christian. I did some research on him after I saw the movie and was surprised to see how accurate his portrayal in the film was.

     Other inspiration came from Ellis Peter's "Cadfael" series. For anyone who hasn't heard of Cadfael, he's a former crusader turned Monk who works as the herbalist and physician at St. Winifred's in Shrewsbury, England. Cadfael uses his knowledge of herbs and plants to help solve the murder mysteries that take place in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. 

     Masterpiece Mystery did an amazing series back in the 80's starring Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael. If you haven't seen it, you must! You will not be disappointed! The inspiration I got from the Cadfael series was that there are several episodes that deal with lepers (also at a St. Giles lazar house) and are some of the best episodes in the series.

     So...there's the basic storyline and characters that I have in my head (Mehrig is my favorite) and I don't know if I'll ever get it written, but it's an original idea : )

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