Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

When I found out that a new Bourne movie was being made...without Matt Damon, I was a little nervous. I loved the first movie and I knew enough of the storyline from Wikipedia to be able to understand the politics that were in the other two.

The world has a fascination with Jason Bourne. A man, a genius, who is lost and can't decipher what is truth and what is a lie. Ok, and he has some mad fighting skills and he can be semi-romantic, and...he's played by Matt Damon, so really, where can you go wrong with a wonderful movie trilogy??

When I saw this new one, well...all I can say is that Jeremy Renner can save my life any day.

~ ~ ~

Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross
The FBI is still reeling from the discovery of Treadstone and it's ruthless leader Pamela Landry. Jason Bourne is still on the run and the last thing the government needs is another underground operative. Well, once again, they end up making their own worst enemy, in a very unlikely person.

We first meet Aaron Cross during a training assignment for Operation Outcome in the brutal Alaska wilderness. Although Aaron is well aware of who he is, he seems rather unsure of where he's going in his personal life. He is focused on his assignment and getting his mission completed, as well as taking two small pills, one blue and one green, everyday.

As a matter of fact, the whole storyline could probably be based on the two pills that Aaron religiously takes. Everything he is and how he is able to operate in is his work comes from the daily medicine. So when he runs out, he could be rendered pretty much useless. When chaos ensues after a bombing in Alaska, Aaron becomes a refugee fighting for his life. 

We only see flashbacks of Aaron's former life before he came into Operation Outcome. A former U.S. Army soldier who is thought to be dead, but is brought back to life as another person. A fact he only confides to Marta about.

The one thing I enjoyed most out of Aaron Cross was his pure and genuine compassion. He clearly cares about other people and wants to right what has been wronged in his warped assignment. In spite of his often times hardened and reserved demeanor, there is a tender and gentle side to him that is probably a resurgence of his former life in the army.

~ ~ ~

Rachel Weisz as Dr. Marta Shearing
Have you ever seen a character in a movie where anything bad that could happen to them ends up happening? That happens to be the case for Dr. Marta Shearing. A brilliant doctor who finds herself in unimaginable circumstances.

She survives a shooting at her work, an attempted murder from the FBI, and her house being set on fire. Then she ends up running for her life with Aaron Cross who sees her as the only person that can help him. I'm amazed at how sane she was through most of it.

Aaron and Marta have met each other thirteen times in a space of four years. Marta tested Aaron's blood and assigned him his medicine, but didn't even know his name. She just knew him as 5. Aaron remembers Marta because of his consistent flirting with her.

On their way to figure out what the hell they're actually going to do, Dr. Shearing gives a good explanation as to why the pills are necessary. One is for physical enhancement, one for mental enhancement. Aaron needs Marta to get him medicine as soon as possible and she aids him in the process. Overtime, she grows stronger and is able to accomplish what needs to be done regardless of what the outcome might be for for Aaron or for her.

I loved seeing Marta's character development in the story. From sheer terror and insecurity to a courageous and confident woman. By the end she no longer cares about running from the government. As long as she's with Aaron, then she really doesn't have a reason to be afraid.

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner in "The Bourne Legacy"
 Aaron and Marta truly bring out the best in one another. While Marta is helping Aaron to survive, Aaron is teaching Marta how to survive.

The was hardly a romantic plot at all. There wasn't even a kiss (sadly). You can probably say that the relationship is purely professional. Two people who need each other by trying to do their jobs the best that they can. 

Over the course of the movie, you can begin to see them change toward one another. Aaron becomes very protective of Marta and she in return is desperate to help him. If that's not love, then tell me, what is?

~ ~ ~

Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton in "The Bourne Legacy"
There's a whole other load of characters in the movie, but the political aspect of all of it can make it very confusing sometimes. That being said everything it was very well done. There's an explosion about every 15 min. a man against nature moment, an intense airport scene, and the ever epic car/motorcycle chase.

The tagline of the movie is There was never just one. Easily explanatory by the fact that there are other agents similar to Bourne, what makes Aaron different is that he survives all of them. Mostly through his intense fighting and battle skills, but more importantly through a quiet courage and a spirit that, like the legendary Jason Bourne, refuses to surrender.


  1. Rachel Weisz surprised me with her acting abilities! I was quite impressed. Especially in the scene right before her house burns down.

    You really do need to watch the other two Bourne movies...wikipedia is not the same. Karl Urban is even in one of them!

  2. Oh, I want to watch this movie!! I was a bit worried when I heard they were making a Bourne 4 (with NO Matt Damon?! What?!!). But it looks really good. Nice, clear review too. Excellent writing. :)


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