Saturday, July 21, 2012

Story Fun

 There's a certain theme that continues throughout this story. Can you figure out what it is???

 The Thunderstorm

Allie and her brother and sister were watching a thunderstorm in their living room. Before long the lights had gone out.

“Can someone find a flashlight?” Allie asked

Danielle went and got it from the kitchen. Everything will be Ok and it shouldn’t last long,” she said.

Fine, but I like it like this,” said Andrew.

“Great,” groaned Allie, “How long is this going to last?”

“It shouldn’t be too long,” said Andrew, “Just get comfortable.”

Knowing he was right, Allie pulled out her i-phone.

Luckily, she still had it half charged.

“Might be good to have it on for an emergency,” she said.

“Nothing ever happens around here,” Danielle said.

“Only massive thunderstorms,” said Andrew.

Peter Davis texted Allie a few minutes later.

Quickly she opened the message.

“Really quick question,” he texted, “Someone needs an answer to this. Tell me what disease begins with X.”

Understandably confused, Allie told her siblings.

“Very hard,” said Andrew after a few seconds.

“Wait a minute,” Danielle said, “Xanthosis is the answer.

“You know everything,” Allie said as she texted back the answer.

Zipping up her hoodie, she smiled.  


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