Before I Die...

1. Meet my best friend

2. Travel to India

3. Travel to Switzerland and find my family's history

4. Celebrate Christmas in Germany

5. Buy one Chanel item 

6. Design a wedding gown

7. Visit the Paris Opera House and the Moulin Rouge

9. Walk through a vineyard and watch how wine is made

10. Learn horseback riding

11. Learn archery

12. Go to the Vatican Library, the oldest library in the world

13. Write and publish a novel

14. Attend a Broadway show

15. Climb the Excalibur, the tallest rock wall in the world

16. Travel to Norway and learn about its mythology

17. Buy Parisian perfume

18. Check out a book from The Library of Congress

19. Write and publish a children's book

20. Go on a cruise

21. Make a glass ornament/artifact

22.  Visit Oxford University

23. Walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art

24. Eat traditional made bouillabaisse

25.  Go bungee jumping

26. Go skydiving

27. Do floral arrangements for a wedding

28. Learn how to make sushi

29. Buy a Swarovski accessory

30. Watch a sunrise on the beach

31. Learn to swim

32. Swim with dolphins

33. Visit Highclere Castle

34. Learn ballroom dancing

35. Attend a masquerade ball

36. Learn to make art journals

37. Have my own Bath & Bodywork line in VA Soaps & Scents

38. Cook the Thanksgiving meal for my family by myself

39. Teach math or English to a class for a day

40. Learn how to speak French

41. Go to Chincoteague

42. Make my own lampwork jewelry

43. Go on a mission's trip

44. Learn to knit and/or crochet

45. Write a fanfiction series

46. Attend the Carnival of Venice

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